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A renowned Swiss firearms manufacturer

Hammerli Arms, a distinguished firearms manufacturer known for its unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, has carved its name into the history of the industry over more than a century.

Founded in 1863 by Johann Ulrich Hammerli, Hammerli Arms originated as a producer of rifles and shotguns tailored for hunting and sporting pursuits. Quickly gaining recognition for their dedication to precision craftsmanship, the company established itself as a purveyor of high-quality firearms.

In the early 20th century, Hammerli Arms pivoted towards a breakthrough focus on target pistols. These pistols swiftly gained favor among competitive shooters, especially in Olympic events, owing to their unparalleled accuracy and reliability. As the mid-20th century dawned, Hammerli Arms reached the pinnacle of success, dominating the shooting sports sector and clinching numerous victories, including those in the prestigious Olympic Games. The brand's firearms garnered acclaim for their exceptional precision and innovative design.

Throughout the years, Hammerli Arms has consistently refined and expanded its array of firearms, encompassing both pistols and rifles. The brand has maintained its synonymous association with precision and excellence, earning the unwavering respect of the shooting community.